Animal of the Month – January

Do you know what animal bobs their head when agitated? The Burrowing Owl (#survivaltip #yourewelcome). Burrowing owls are native to South and North America, often living in open grassy areas. On this planet  the burrowing owl is the only owl that lives in burrowing holes. These owls are special because they are not nocturnal and are actually Read more about Animal of the Month – January[…]

Animal of the Week!

Did you know baby koalas are called ‘Joeys’? Koalas live in eucalyptus trees found in forest areas and are native to Australia. They are herbivores as their diet consists of mainly eucalyptus leaves which are toxic to most animals. A common misconception is that this charming animal is a bear but it’s actually a marsupial Read more about Animal of the Week![…]